Credit Management      
  Plan ACCESS Start here by having a secure place to store all credit reports, internal personal notes, and a library of information on credit reports. Access to iSEEYOU™
Secure storage up to 20MB
Secure Personal Notes
  Plan CARE Have a secure place to get a new credit reports updated. Credit Doctor Company's true Credit Monitoring, actual people monitoring reports and notifying you of adverse change. All features in Plan ACCESS
Credit Monitoring
  Plan CARE plus Extra care is given to improve and optimize your credit reports All features in Plan CARE
Optimization of Assistance
Credit Repair      
  Plan BASIC We challenge questionable negative items on each credit report from the national credit reporting agencies Unlimited Disputes
Access to iSEEYOU™
  Plan ADVANCED We challenge negative items with original creditor and data furnisher. We also send cease and desist letters. All features in Plan BASIC
Debt Validations
Cease and Desist Collectors from calling
  Plan PREMIER Having great credit may take more than just removing negative items. This upgrade includes a combination of BASIC and ADVANCED service, along with other supporting documents. All features in Plan ADVANCED
Supporting documents
Debt Negotiation N/A Our Debt Settlement Program is designed to settle your debt using our supreme customer service and outstanding resources.
   -Gets you out of debt
   -Keeps you out of debt
   -Rebuild your financial future
One on one guidance on dealing your creditors and debt collectors

Work closely with you in developing a budget plan that is realistic and time-bounded while maintaining standard of living

Maximum guidance on rebuilding your financial future