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You could save money on your credit card debts and pay less than you owe with full program participation.

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We will help you by providing affordable payment plans to successfully complete the program as quickly as possible.

No Upfront Fees Or Retainers

Some law firms still charge advanced fees. With Credit Doctor Company your first payment goes towards settlements.

Settle your debt quickly and effectively!

I have significant amount to settle, and I tried using Settlement DisputeFax. I filled in the fields, used letter templates, then hit submit button. It was pretty quick and easy to use. And the most important thing is, it's very effective. I recommend this software to everyone who wants to settle their debts. Thank you Settlement DisputeFax!

Irene M.A.
New York

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The Process

Debt settlement process 1

We actively negotiate

Debt settlement process 2

Settle account

Debt settlement process 3

We obtain a settlement offer letter

Debt settlement process 4

You pay the creditor, directly

What we do? Benefits Processes

Many times we've been asked, "Can I just remove the negative listings without paying the debt?" In most cases, the questions come from someone attempting to escape a financial obligation. While it is true that negative debt listings can be removed from the credit report - even while the debt remains unpaid- it is also true that these listings stand a good chance of reappearing on the credit file sooner or later.

There is a better alternative than attempting to escape the debt. You can create a true win-win situation by settling the debt with the creditor.

It is our experience that the average consumer settles a debt for about 65 cents on the dollar.

What we do

Debt negotiation is the process of reducing your overall debt into a lower amount to have the debt satisfied; once paid your creditor releases you from the obligation. For example, if you have a delinquent credit card account with a $10,000 balance and it is accepted into our program, the process of reducing that debt is as follows:

We vigorously negotiate your total principle balance to as close to $0 as possible

Using company-wide debt reduction averages, your $10,000 credit card account would settle out for around $3,500.

Collection Flowchart Process
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